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Karnataka Call Girls Whatsapp Numbers 2021

 Ms.Navia Reddy available at # 9538282337 is a Bangalore born lady in her late 30's. She is a matured lady for clients seeking a matured lady for fun. The lady has her hideout on Kanakapura Road. It is her own place. So no worries about renting a place for fun. She charges a fee of 2000 nominally to 500 depending upon the client.  

Ms.Ramya is typically a brahmin lady down from Tanjavur in Tamilnadu. She is available at # 9538282337. Count my words; she has a deep connection of well known female students in her portfolio. She is the best bet for people searching for a good collection of young female escorts.

Ms.Sonam Jaiswal available at  # 997197O959 is a Mumbai lady settled in Bangalore permanently living in Marathahalli. She rents a services apartment that is couple friendly in and around Marathahalli for a rendezvous day with her clients. She charges anywhere between 15000.00 INR to 20000.00 INR for a couple of hours.

Ms.Neethu Reddy available at # 7432095920 is a lady from Delhi here for a short time. She lives in her friend's place in Hebbal. The lady prefers a Five-star hotel with her clients for safer fun. She charges anywhere between 20000.00 to 25000.00 INR for a good time.

Ms.Divya  available at  # 9643782501 is hurricane from South TamilNadu.She is bewitching temptresses with her stunning saree. Beware of her negotiable skills as she charges a bomb for those who get allured with her video calls.

Mrs.Gayathry Shetty available at  # 9811585079 is from Shimoga settled in Richmond Town. A right lady for her Pomp and luxurious lifestyle she is the women for clients seeking a high-class lady in Bangalore.

Mrs.Pavithra Shetty available at # 8249487948  is a typical  Kannadiga aunty. She is housewife doing escorting business without her hubby knowledge. She dares to do all fantasies of men with her known skills to seduce a man.

Mrs.Kavyaa available at #  9643782501 is typical Kannadigaa lady living at Sadashivanagar. She has her won Individual house.  The house is safer and not suspicious with no neighbors overlooking. She charges anywhere between 10000.00 INR to 15000.00 INR.

Ms.Shilpa Shetty available at  # 8436399857 lives in Shanthala Nagar. She rents serviced apartments for a rendezvous hideout. She charges anywhere for  15000.00 INR to 20000.00 INR.

Ms.Nikkitha available at # 8130664614 lives in Banashankari. One of Bangalore's largest residential localities. She has her won hideouts which are safer places. She charges anywhere between 5000.00 to 10000.00 INR.

Mrs.Revathy hails from Mumbai living in Hennur for the past two years. She is available only in Whats app on # 8197281529. She charges anywhere between 5000.00 to 10000.00 for fun limited.

Ms.Chitra Reddy available at  # 8623960397 is a mermaid living in Puttanahalli.The best choice for clients seeking the best lady for a good time. She is worth every penny that is spent. She charges a lot from 25000.00 to 50000.00 for two to three hours of her time.

Mrs.Sangeetha available at  # 9980248983 is Karnatic dancer as her name goes without saying. She lives in Adakamaranahalli in Bangalore North. She is fine to come towards the active Bangalore for a rendezvous fun. She charges a lot. Negotiations skills are essential to make her come down.

Mrs.Amanada is available at # 9632824581 is an Anglo Indian living in Seshadripuram in the extensions called Kumara Park. She is an able person with enough and more friends circle to be connected. She charges a lot for her services.

Ms.Rani available at  # 8296137173 is hardcore call girls in Bangalore. She has her boyfriend, who acts like her middle man. She never involves himself in any dealings. She has her Incall places in Shivajinagar, Ulsoor and Vasanth Nagar. She charges a nominal of 6000.00 to 10000.00 depending on the client negotiating skills.

Ms.Lanaya available at #  8291845064 is from Kerala Wayanad.A beautiful nymphet from the land of god. She is an experience to be nourished for a long time. A no-miss for this lady in her prime teens.

Mrs.Banumathy available at # 7760234498 is a housewife from Madurai in Tamilnadu. She is temptresses for men who seek a matured homemaker for fun unlimited. She understands a man's fantasy. She takes the man to her won dreamland of imagination.

Ms.Nandhini is available at # 8800407314 in WhatsApp.She lives in Bommonahalli Zone. She has her apartments and lives in a secure place for a session. She charges anywhere between 10000.00 to 15000.00 INR per session inclusive of place.

Ms.Mamtha Shetty available at # 9990284684 is a typical Mangalorean lady living all alone in a flat in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Zone. She hosts in her apartments. The lady is highly typical of the person coming. She makes enough enquiry before inviting the person to her very won apartments in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. She charges anywhere between 10000.00 INR to 15000.00 INR.

Ms.Smitha is available at # 9990284684. She stays at Dasarahalli. She does not have her place. She prefers renting an apartment for the purpose. She knows suitable serviced apartments which are couple friendly.

Ms.Sherya available at # 8342831123  is an ultimo in an escort experience. The lady has her place in Jalahalli East. She has her own place for fun unlimited. She charges anywhere between 5000.00 INR to 10000.00 for two to three sessions.

Ms.Anithaa Reddy available at #  7899377163 is a typical Andhra lady living in Bangalore Peenya Industrial Area. She has lots of girls in her connections for a choice. She usually invites the client to her place for fun unlimited.

  • Theni Nagalapuram  Sugandhi Number  #  91763 91640
  • Sharmila an Independent escort in  Bangalore #  74060 49212
  • Shalini is an Interesting escort in Bangalore # 7838983031
  • Priya is a nice lady in Bangalore  #  91484 13504
  • Kundalahalli Call Girls Escorts Service # 7406049212
  • Madivala Call Girls Escorts Service #   7338582151
  • Bommanahalli Call Girls Escorts Service # 8095162116
  • Mahadevapura Call Girls Escorts Service # 9742242206
  • Jp Nagar Call Girls Escorts Service # 7259318539 
  • Banaswadi Call Girls Escorts Service # 8689073380
  • Whitefield Call Girls Escorts Service # 8073573110 
  • Hsr Layout Call Girls Escorts Service # 7032789950
  • Btm Layout Call Girls Escorts Service # 8123369453
  • Madiwala Call Girls Escorts Service # 9999160949
  • Kundalahalli Call Girls Escorts Service # 7022789089
  • Bommanahalli Call Girls Escorts Service # 9686030971
  • Marathahalli Call Girls Service #  7795242714 
  • Call girls in Koramangala  #  7400122991
  • Bangalore escorts in Madiwala  # 9967584737
  • Independent escorts in HSR LAYOUT # 9967614531
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  • Female escorts in Mg Road  # 9892267331
  • Independent Female escorts  in Brigade Road  # 9625445894
  • Homely Female escorts in Kalyan Nagar  # 9625445894
  • Female escorts  in Brooks fields  # 9811300800
  • Student escorts in Koramangala  # 9811233055
  • Doorstep escorts in Koramangala  # 9811711561
  • Basavanagudi Call girls numbers # 9958554419
  • Bangalore Indira Nagar Call girls numbers #   8097747826
  • Bangalore Jayanagar Independent Call girls numbers #  9867746741
  • Bangalore Koramangala Independent High class escorts WhatsApp numbers # 9004299004
  • Bangalore Malleshwaram Independent Female escorts WhatsApp numbers #  9833754194
  • Bangalore Rajaji Nagar  Independent Female escorts WhatsApp numbers #  9967584737
  • Bangalore Frazer Town Independent Female escorts WhatsApp numbers #  9920725232
  • Bangalore Sadashivanagar Independent Female escorts WhatsApp numbers #  9967824496
  • Bangalore  HSR Layout Independent Female escorts WhatsApp numbers #  9820252231
  • Bangalore Bellundur  Independent Female escorts WhatsApp numbers # 9967584737

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Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman 

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman – Man can never be limited to the world’s choices. Besides, men are born to explore the world.

Moreover, chaste living is never for the male gender. Additionally, the male gender never gets crowned for living a righteous life. Furthermore, the male gender prides the number of women he had slept.

The number gives delight to man’s ego. Besides, the conquest of a lady love is a crowning victory for any man living his life to the fullest.

Man is a social animal on Prowl.

Man is a social animal. Besides, an unsocial individual naturally. Moreover, not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.


The male gender cannot live isolated. Additionally, the male gender must complete the precise natural fundamental needs to sustain. Moreover, the male has to enter into a fusion with his acquaintances for continuing life. The male gender can break the handcuffs of interactive interdependence.

The interactive necessity starts with the nucleus and the mother in continuation till his demise.

Dependency for a female gender begins perhaps between the nucleus and the mother. To continues till his last breath. Additionally, the fetus's need may be more tangible than cerebral. Besides, the mother’s ness city is all living beings' birthright.

The man has no choice other than to depend on women all over his life. His mother dominates the initial part. In the later part, man has an assortment of women to lean over. Besides, Man prefers the latter to have a plenitude of women to shoulder himself.

Nevertheless, lust is just a fraction of his enslavement to women. Although lust seemingly looks higher in his mind thought. Deep inside the craving for women's bosoms is the reality of why men Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman.

Remotely the mother’s love keeps flamming inside a man till his death. The reflection of the mother's love is his love towards the female gender.

When a man is deprived of mothers, love in his birth, his instincts nature becomes rebellious over women. This fact is proven scientifically. 

Maternal deprivation is described well in Wikipedia for references. 

Moreover, the truth of mothers' love can never get replaced by other women is the reality of Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman.

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman

Womanizing is an addition with no cure.

The only cure is Family love and affection for addicted men.

The hunt for more women is a never-ending story for man.

Men are always on a hunt for power.

Very few men are loyal to one woman.

Very few men speak the truth!

The longevity of marriage is the blame game in man apostasy.

Men’s boredom towards the same women is true.

The nature of men to subdue the women in his dependency.

The nature of a man is to enslave women in his dependency.

The power of money lures men towards pleasure.

The real pleasure lies elsewhere. Nevertheless, this site is not appropriate for a discussion on ethics.

The real reason Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman is discussed in detail for women to be aware of his men. Gfe Bangalore was dangerously armored with the seductress to abduct men. Men of any caliber can get abducted by the pentacles of mistresses in Gfe Bangalore.

Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you


Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you – A comprehensive account of lies an Independent escort will tell while high lighting herself.

Lies are white lies. No harm lies. Besides lies spoken with no malicious intentions. Additionally, an Independent escort's everyday task is to come out clean out of her daily chores. 

The client is more than inquisitive about the Independent escort. Furthermore, Lusting is just a part of the game when the client spends with an Independent escort.

“Furthermore, Independent escorts don’t lie to her conscience. Besides, The client who lies to himself. Additionally, listens to his lie comes to the point that he cannot detect the perfection within himself, or around him. Similarly, losing all honor for himself and others. Lastly, having no esteem, he ceases to love other women other than his wife.”

Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you

Suppose an Independent escort does not tell the accuracy about herself. An Independent escort can always reinvent a new story of herself.

Moreover, A revelation that’s told with evil intention Beats all the inaccuracies an Independent escort fabricates.

None of the lies told by an independent escort has an atrocious purpose. The only intention is to conceal real identity. Besides, The intrusion of privacy by the client was blocked by the Independent escort. 

Most of the client’s intrusion in the privacy of the Independent escort is habitual. Besides, chosen very few do not care about the Independent escort's real identity. 

An Independent escort conceals her real identification to shield herself. Moreover, her tenure as an Independent escort narrowed to only a specific period. Beyond that, she envies continuing her life as a chaste woman.

Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you. 

Shocking Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you –  

I am just meeting you here as my first client of the day.

An Independent escort never manifests the number of appointments in a day. Besides, she counts the money rather than the honesty with the client.

I am all new here in this escorting world.

No women come with an experience certificate that showcases her experience as an Independent escort. Lastly, all requests for extra money are falsities to make quick money from a lubricious starving gentleman.

My real name. Besides, My Number. Lastly, My Home address. 

All the above information about the name mobile number and home address is never real. Besides, a woman pursuing a job as an Independent escort wishes to reveal her stuff to a stranger or client for that matter.

My siblings are suffering. Besides, my parents are in the Hospital. Lastly, I have no Money.

All the drama is just a ploy to create sympathy to lure more money from the client.

My sister had an accident. Besides, My mom is in Hospital. Lastly, My Brother felt down. All these stories will come once the agreed time coming to a closure. Besides, This storytelling is art for Independent escorts to rush for the next appointment.

I am just 21 years old. All new to this.

One more painted lie is about the age factor. However, an outcall in the hotel will reveal the real age as the hotel demands government identification for an entry.

I am busy at Home. Besides, I am active in the office. Lastly, occupied in work. 

An Independent escort cannot say I am with a client. I will respond only when this gets over. The only lie she can invent at that crucial time is the above.

The intention is never to harm. Besides all lies are white lies to protect herself. Lastly, an Independent escort needs to commiserate with efforts to bring up a family.

Cure to Addiction of Bangalore escort that will make you Bankrupt.

 Addiction to Bangalore escort will make you Bankrupt – The truth is addiction will ruin the family wealth and wellbeing. Besides, Addiction to any matter of concern will wreck a good family life. 

Addiction to women is incurable. It is a costly hobby played by the wealthy connoisseurs and debonair. Besides commoners playing, this hobby is hard-hit. Bourgeoisie playing this game are the worst hit in the process of being bankrupt in the end. Ruing their family is the sad part.

Addiction to drugs has a cure. Besides, alcohol addiction has deaddiction centres for rehabilitation. Addiction to Bangalore escort will make you Bankrupt. Addiction to Bangalore escort has no known cure. No one can rescue a man bitten by seductress and mistress of Bangalore escorts. 

Bangalore escorts and Porn

The worse case is womanizing and alcohol. A combo that will lead to sooner bankruptcy than envisioned. Besides, a man bitten by this toxic obsession will never find his back in everyday life.  

The tinsel world blamed for man to get this addicted to Bangalore escorts. Furthermore, the culprit is fictitious Porn glorying sexual acts. The funny part is when the man enacts all the scenes in a porn movie with Bangalore escorts

Porn is imaginary. Besides Porn glorifies sexual acts beyond the truth. Moreover, Porn is a multi-million dollar business with men and women working for a living. 

The tinsel idol man glorifies himself is the second culprit. Besides In Indian hero-worshipping is in the worst possible situation. The man fantasizes about the Bangalore escorts to the heroine he saw in the movie.  

The whole scenario is the system our world runs. However, this website is not the place to run a cross-check on our society’s vulnerabilities. Pitying the man bitten by the venomous Bangalore is the best we may do.

Going one step forward, we can suggest a cure as below for a man addicted to Bangalore escorts.  

Cure for Addiction – Bangalore escort will make you Bankrupt.

Cure to Addiction of Bangalore escort that will make you Bankrupt. 

Family love and care. A family is the only cure an addicted man can have to relieve himself from Bangalore’s venomous addiction. Besides the wife has to play a crucial part in ensuring love and affection are showered selflessly.

Healthy habits Exercising will assist in keeping the idle mind away from the devil. Besides monitoring the exercises is a must to boost the man’s energy level addicted to Bangalore escorts.

Healthy eating habits. Food plays a crucial in maintaining a proper mindset for a man addicted to Bangalore escorts. Additionally, a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables needs to get complimented well for the man to come out of his addiction.

Prayers and meditation Temples are the best places for a peaceful time. Besides, let religion be whatsoever. Temple mosque or church, Temples are the best places to keep a man in his senses. Additionally, meditation can assist in bringing the man to his self consciences.

Meditation or self analyzation can bring a man back to his natural form. Once a man deoxidized his addiction to Bangalore escorts, the results will be more productivity in his career. 

Finally love from his family is the best cure for a man addicted to Bangalore escorts. Unconditional love will make a man realize his wrongdoing and reform himself to a better man than before. A reformed man will be more productive in the rest of the journey in life.

Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore


Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore are explained in step by step method.

Hunting for Independent escorts in Bangalore is an adamantine task for any man seeking Bangalore’s best date. Plus, The supply and demand mechanism does not work here.

Likewise, escorts agency deals only with trafficked girls. Additionally, the Paid advertisements in Portals are scams. The mushrooming dating applications are a waste of time searching for the best available Independent escorts in Bangalore. 

Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore

  • Never go for classified advertisements like craigslist.
  • The advertisements are mostly scams by cartels for quick money.
  • Besides, Talk to the lady before committing yourself.
  • Pictures are deceptive. Never rely on Pictures ent on Whatsapp 
  • Insist on a video call.
  • Gfe Bangalore is the only escorts agency that facilitates a video call for the clients with Bangalore escorts.
  • Likewise, Be clear on doing and do not beforehand.
  • Have all taled with the lady on the do and do not with the lady in phones.
  • The remunerations and tenure to be spoken in clarity.
  • Desired timings spoke in transparency. Additionally, the donations in clear.
  • Lastly, Must clarify the Mode of Payment.
  • Digital payments are the most predefined way of payment. 

Gfe Bangalore ensures easy ways to find the right Independent escorts in Bangalore

Nowhere an Independent escorts in Bangalore selected with all the above said. Besides Gfe Bangalore facilitates the client gets all privileges to choose the best as per his choice.

Nevertheless, money has value. Furthermore, when a client feels cheated. The frustration level shoots up. Moreover, the choice for gaining an advantage over the available options is limited.

Almost all sellers camouflaged. Besides to Identify the right Independent escorts in Bangalore is Finding a Needle in a Haystack job.

To make it easier. To make the process easier, Gfe Bangalore has made it all the more straightforward way. Plus, No more doing the sherlock homes to find the right women for a suitable date in Bangalore. 

Seems an easy Job from the point of view of a client. Moreover, Gfe Bangalore ensured the client gets what he had fantasized.

Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore refer to an extended, envisioned Gfe Bangalore plan. Furthermore, to make this more client-centric. Gfe Bangalore had to work out a comprehensive recruitment plan for Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore in its payroll. 

The selected Independent escorts in Bangalore were tutored to be the best mistresses and seductresses. Besides, a girlfriend for the client hiring her for a predetermined price.

Gfe Bangalore stands as a pioneer in girlfriend experience

Honesty and passion towards the profession pay well for any Independent escorts in Bangalore enrolled in Gfe Bangalore. Moreover, most women prefer to extend their tenure with Gfe Bangalore after a fixed period of six months.

Gfe Bangalore never extends the agreed tenure of more than six months for any Independent escorts in Bangalore. Similarly, The only reason behind this is the passion of women wearing off over the period. Furthermore, Fatigue falls for any woman over an extended period in the field of escorting.

Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore are only possible with Gfe Bangalore. Not with a sense of pride or arrogance do we claim this honor. Testimonials of the clients had made us say this with contentment.

Gfe Bnaglore fine-tuned the process of Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore to perfection. The client with a snap of his finger can now get a dozen willing women of his choice from Gfe Banglore, the leading escorting agency in Bangalore.

The client has to experience this to believe this. Lastly, Gfe Bangalore guarantees transparency in Simple ways to select the best Independent escorts in Bangalore with ease. 

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

"Not every harlot is a whore and we sluts are soul with blood and bones bartering love and lust for our survival but the fact is escorting is an instinctive apotheosis of a female posture"

We harlots were virgins once and never had an illusion of our self to be in the trade of bartering lust and love and as when the fate dawned on one fine morning and we had no choice but to pursue the business of escorting with honesty as our virtuous way to live.

We Cortigiana onesta are despised by this hypocritical society as we had made an realistic assessment of our assets and abilities and do not have to mask our self in portraying the truth and in a world where truth is a mockery there is no point in us bellowing our rights to this whopper and distortion crowd.

We mistresses take our clothes off and do our business of whorishness with dignity and pride and are dignified women in minding our business.

We courtesans are amused when the law of land is muscling us down as we see the laws being framed by the exclusively masculine society and a judiciary system synchronised by men who happens to be our patrons and honestly we mistresses confess here there is no men who is not spared by us or to be precise we have taken almost all the men and only a very few good men are lying over there trying and residual to live a righteous life with their own venerated women and we harlots wish the very best to the man who is standing alone and aloof.

Bitch is women who sleeps with multiple men and a women when they are devotional to one man and loyal to their man and if that fails they get hurled by mongrel of an insults with names as dubious as it can be ranging from a whore to a bitch and a slut is person who sleeps around with multiple men and yes we are Floozy women with bones burying our self to our graves in our mission of quenching the lust in a man as the libidinous man if let free will stray upon the virtuous women and now who is wrong here are we to be named as angles god sent to save to righteous women from debauched male gender.

We sluts are crowned in glory as we are in the invisible mode as we courtesans and mistresses prefer being not seen with our profession as our tags.

We hookers are not feminist clans rather we are closely knitted with our business of escorting men and feminism is not our language as we are ultimately the targets of women whose men we hold in captivity and we never try to argue with the women whose neither our foe or friend in this case as in some cases we get the concubine status with our men.

we escorts are often been stalk by the commoners whose intention is lighter than our clients who run sleuths to stalk us are dangerously captivated by our charm and are more endangering our right to explore our business of escorting.

We hussy women were never taught the right and the wrong in our life and we learnt with our own cognizance our path of living and we live a life aloof with the neighbors pounding on our doors either as patrons or eavesdropping and we sluts are not in the mood of story telling to any one trying to snoop around us.

We call girls are in total control of our fate and destiny and do not seek the assistance of any soothsayer who tries to oracle us.

Bangalore escorts

Friday, 28 September 2018

Female escorts in Bangalore

An independent escort  should Infuse her life with a motivation within herself  with a reality when this society had cursed ,hounded, imprisoned, and chained this noble profession it is nevertheless the greatest triumph of  a women's willingness and commitment  in  pursuing  her career as an independent escort.

We dedicate  this article for all abusers in this escorting business and how women are abused my men and using them as machines for their egomaniacal and hoggish needs.

Most women are illiterates and bounded and bonded by carnivorous men who take advantage of situations and exploit the women in despair and the society has never peeked into this trade or attempted to conduct or formulate a fair trading practice that may benefit  or prosper the women shedding and exuviating her life being an independent escort in Bangalore.

We are no where here trying to do justice in what we do or in what we preach nevertheless a world without paid sex  will be a place of men hunting and preying on women and will be a forest with edacious and lusting man craving and hunting their preys.

Men had always been in a state of mind to conquer and trumpet in his life and his attitude to women is similar and his jubilance and joy will never be limited with one women and will yearn for more both in his personal or his business.

When a women had come to the state of mind of selling her body to meet her needs she is facing the ferocity and  brutality of the society who are there to tear her apart for pursuing a career as an independent escort nevertheless more and more women are pursuing a job as as a call girl in Bangalore with a wish and hope of  coming up in life.

The need of a women is endless and never had a women pursued her career as an escort in Bangalore for her luxury life style and always there are siblings or family members necessities she compromises her life in selling  herself to meet the needs.

No women will be in  a state of mind to pursue a career in prostitution  with a full consent of her conciseness and is forced to animate her life  in the field of escorting in order to meet her needs.

A women is designed by god to create life and a mother is blueprinted and devised by god to be a pool of ardor tenderness and passion and a mother love to her child is extortionate and so always makes a man to seek amenity with women and a women always oozes with unlimited tenderness and man soliciting a women is an end less  routine in his life.

I have send my kids to school
The clothes to wash and iron for my man and kids
The dining area and and kitchen to be cleaned
The rice and groceries to to be purchased

The afternoon lunch for the kids
The school fees to be paid
The Bills pending for payment

Let the sun Shine on me with its mightiest !!
Let the rain shower me in full !!
Let the strongest  and fiercest wind blow me !!

Let me fly in the sky !!
Till i cannot fly any more !!

The sun
The Rain
The wind
The star
The Moon
The sky

This all i can call as my own !!
Glow on me !!

Redeem me from being a women and an escort !!
Unhook my chains that are locked in this bondage of love !!

I want to fly !!
Fly endlessly !!
With no bondage of love that can melt me down

And i am an escort now !!
And i sell love !!
To feed my siblings !!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

Bangalore Escorts Agency 

"My time as a star is limited and I personally do not want to squander my time and my youth or be droned with the dogma of this society and I willfully will en cash my stardom in any means possible and the superstition of virginity as a virtue is not for me sure for sure"

Celebrity escorts in Bangalore are elite escorts who are famed artists or known stardom and are providing escorting to elite clientele.

In nature a celebrity escort cannot advertise her services in any open form of web sites and relies on reputed escort service providers to give her reliable and affordable clients.

An escort service provider will have in his possession a list of thrifty connoisseurs and debonair waiting to prey such celebrity queens.

Knowing or accessing such known celebrity can be a possibility only with closer and good rapport with the service providers and the cost can be a fortune depending upon the celebrity.
A celebrity artist is particular about her identity and safety as priority and both the vendors are keen in safe guarding their interest before a deal is signed off.

Gaining access to the list of famed celebrity is the proximity level of the client and the service provider and mostly both of the party involved in this particular transaction are tight-lipped.
Rates of the celebrity artist is measured by her recent success in the filmdom and mostly only the rich and famous with stinking money in their possession are the affordable gentleman to lick the nectar.
A famed female artist had been through all assaults in her climb towards fame and is aware of the time frame of her stardom and is willingly enriching herself when the fruit is ripe.

If the readers had read so far and are attempting to know the celebrity in our list we are tight-lipped and our mouths are tapped.

Being with a celebrity escort in Bangalore is any body’s fantasy and can cost a fortune and mostly the rich and the famous with stinking money do get to prowl the celebrity.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

Today’s Man is my debonair man for the day and we get incommensurable men on daily basis and we just wait for the connoisseur of men on daily basis and it’s just habitual for usIndependent escorts in Bangalore to live a life with many men of our choice and we are never content with one man in our life ! !

We Independent escorts in Bangalore are constantly writing in this site in order to empower our colleagues in the business of escorting and there are no institutions in this world for us escorts to get the confidence level in our line of activity asIndependent escorts in Bangalore.

We have been constantly haunted by this debauched society and we find solace only with our colleagues in this business and we do get good hearted Samaritans as our clients who are good humanitarian and benevolent gentlemen.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore  are generally   from regular back grounds in this society and have been never  been pushed into this trade of escorting but have volunteered our self in this line of escorting business  only with the lure of money and the quick money it offers.

We are aware of our career as an escort is short sighted and our career span is not more than 3 to 5 years just like a Mayfly which only lives to around 30 minutes with a maximum lifespan of a single 24 hour day.

We are tagged on the entry level itself which says best before 12.01.2022 and we understand the game of escorting and why we get paid so generously.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore are immersed in emptiness in our own line of activity and this isolation is expressed in our writings in this site and if ever I had not pursued a career as an escort in Bangalore I would never been writing here and the truth of me being an independent escort in Bangalore had triggered myself in writing endlessly in this site to empower our self and to create an awareness to this escorting business.

To most people who are been disillusioned with media and politically motivated news we escorts live a life fighting against all odds.

As an Independent escort in Bangalore we are addicted to Money and power and wealth and money buys the power we were craving and our relationship with men and our clients are mostly calculated and our services are on hourly basis.

Once a Man craves for a women he may be budgeted or may need the best and in our experience men will never spend the same money on the same women and his search is endless and will never stops and the habit of womanizing is addictive in nature.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore have never leaned on our past glorious life and never wanted to see our future and we live a life at this moment and we live a disciplined life of an escort and life is never about cursing the fate but to overcome the stumbles in life.

There can be no Mother who would like her daughter to be in the escorting business and we all Independent escorts in Bangalore have come from good family back ground who had embraced this escorting trade in lure of making more money and we do have a happy family behind.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

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"The thin line that lies in between the admiration of beauty and lusting a women is where the law of the land rules."

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

“Is Escorting business a sin by the land of law?” Acknowledging the fact the availability of Pornography in the market and the availability of  hard-core Internet porn makes one feel if escorting never exist where will Man go to relieve his sexual tensions and the fate of an Satyriasis the tribe in the society of men.

There was a time when we  praised Mr.Hitler, whom we called a "genius," and Mr.Goebbels, whom we declared the "greatest practitioner of mass persuasion."'  and there is no one now to take the position of Goebbels to yell into the ears of this world the essential need of escorting business.

The best of propagandist technique will never succeed in making escorting business a legal entity unless a legal format is framed in the legal system similar to Liquor trade or the tobacco business.

We are clear in our statement as above escorting business is a must in this society and it needs a Goebbels to preach the world the essentials of escorting business.

When Mr.Goebbels  is no more we are in process of finding an alternative methods and found Internet to be the best media to voice our concern at the top of our voice.

What happens when escorting is banished from this society or no more paid sex is available in the market.

There is chaos every where
Women are not safer any more
Sexual frustrations rises and Violence is on the increase

Politics and escorting business are not in the straight line of thought and a strong  political lobbyist is needed in this country to view escorting as an profession where it is similar to alcohol or smoking and seen more like a habit like drinking when being abused it can be harm full.

"It is like this  when we call a lawyer a Lawyer and Call a Doctor a Doctor and an Engineer as an engineer but do kindly respectfully call an escort a lady"

If ever preying  a women with evil intentions with the desire to have sex is defined as adultery and an act of intolerance in this society and all men are to be considered accused in front of the legal system.

The thin line that lies in between the admiration of beauty and lusting a women is where the law of the land rules.

A Man who admires a Women's beauty is a connoisseur and a Debonair !
A Man who lusts and dreams of the women he saw is dreamer !
A man who goes off to seduce the lady is a lover !
A Man who forcefully tries to molest a lady  who he admired is a sinner and illegal in the legal system.

"Propaganda for escorting business is a must in this 21 st Century and have to be theoretically correct when framed within the law and it has to the voice of the mass public and only a  positive  movement that can conquer the broad masses and escorting business should be legalised with a Propaganda that should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of  the propagandist to discover intellectual truths in the escorting business and more harm is in the liquor trade and tobacco business than in escorting business.”

Here we need a Goebbels  who may Mellow the voice of Independent escorts and the necessity of the escorting business in this world.

Independent escorts are paid sex services which quenches the lust of a Man and ensures he does not prey on Innocent women.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Bangalore City Of Angels ! !
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore Laugh and the world laughs with our self.
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore Weep and we weep alone in solitude.
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore inherited and adapted enough value added to our selves
So we get a sale pitch Instantly ! !
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore have the dexterity to sell our selves to any satyromaniacs
And here we get lost with the world
The echoes from the world that bounces on us lashes us as
An Prostitute
Call Girl
And we Independent Escorts in Bangalore shrink and crave from a voicing care.
When we Independent Escorts in Bangalore rejoice and all men will seek us.
And When we Grieve and cry and they turn and go.
All Men needs is want is leisure and pleasure and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are hired for the hour and fired when a man is complete with his fantasy.
And When we Escorts in Bangalore cry in loneliness and they turn their backs and go.
And Men do not need your woe.
Be we Escorts in Bangalore are glad we have friends and colleagues in this escorting business
WEscorts in Bangalore are bereaved with the axiom that we lost a family life of our own.
This World cannot decline my nectared wine,
But Escorts in Bangalore are left alone to drink life’s gall.
And no man can abetment us in dying and Man can furtherance us in living a life.
When we Independent Escorts in Bangalore Feast and dance in merry our homes are crowded with men.
And we Independent Escorts in Bangalore live a life of sharing the joy with all.
And we fall as Angels in narrow aisles of pain one by one.
We are born in this Planet as aliens to share the joy ! !

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